Whenever I move to a new flat or find myself a space where I feel safe and creative, I don’t want to leave it. Sounds alright, right? Well, it’s not! I remember once in Helsinki, I didn’t leave this one flat where I lived with my best friend for nearly a week. I was just sooo comfortable! I had food, a bathroom, wifi… my bestie?!

I have noticed in this gooorgeous new flat of ours I am starting to get the same feeling back… “ohh, can’t I just stay in?!” but I won’t let it happen. There’s a whole world out there, whole bunch of wonderful people, styles and experiences.  No matter how comfy this yellow chair is, I ain’t gluing myself to it!

I don’t know if you guys have experienced it, but I’ve realised that when I can finally relax in a new home of mine, all sorts of feelings come out in a tsunami style. For what reason?! Who knows…

When life gives you lemons…

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