Hi all my lovelies!

My sincerest apologies for not posting anything for at least a month! I officially moved to York in the end of January and ever since the move been extremely busy socialising, networking and… working…  I’m also missing last year so, so badly!!!!!

Alongside of my day-time job in retail I have been trying to set my business up as a Fashion Photographer and I’m glad to announce that it’s getting there more and more every week. I’ve had the pleasure of becoming friends with makeup artist Sonia Schofield  and working together in shoots. All of April I also had an exhibition in a restaurant called Angel on the Green!

Moving to York hasn’t been without it’s struggles. I’ve had to judge hard who to fully trust in this new city where I sometimes feel I stick out as a sore thumb! I am happy to say that I’ve met so many amazing people already, especially due to the recent York Fashion Week and am looking forward to see what is going to happen in the future.


Here’s one of the shoots Sonia and I have worked together recently. Absolutely adore these clothes by Meiji Designs! What do you think?

More photos here.


York Fashion Week =  ❤

The first full Fashion Week happened in York this year and it was absolutely fantastic to be part of it for what I was able to! This city is so full of ambitious and creative people, women especially. Goal for next year is to be even more involved! I even got Joe to come with me to some events (and he loved it! :D)

See what happened here . Part of the photos below are by the amazing Olivia Brabbs

YFW-VIP_WEB-003IMG_2080 2IMG_2082yfw-day-four-109yfw-day-four-110YFW-DAY-THREE-051


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