OMG! I think I have met the love of my life in the clothing world, too!

Due to the trend of Power Red all of the designer shops and retail stores were filled with various red outfits last autumn/early winter. The biggest catwalk hits were trouser suits (Givency, Oscar De La Renta) as well as sweaters and over-knee red boots (Fendi) and as last year’s trends seem to be carrying on this year (big yay for consumer-friendly fashion!) I found the most beautiful coat I’ve ever seen in my life in after-Christmas sales from H&M. First time I tried the coat on it still had a €60 price tag on it but after a week of checking the store on a nearly daily-basis it dropped to €30. I gave my old black faux fur up and happily welcomed some colours in my wardrobe!

As my style is vintage inspired, I love to wear this coat with my 1920’s style felt hat. The coat strikes out even more when you wear it with something that gives contrast such as an all black outfit but to not make it too heavy I think adding a red bag, even though slightly different shade, makes the winter look just right!

Coat: Short Faux Fur Coat by H&M 

Hat: Felt Hat by Seeberger

Bag: Accessorize

Boots: Vagabond

Photos by Joe Walker


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