After New Year Joe and I decided to hit Finnish Lapland since I have never been there properly although I’ve travelled so much lately! On the 4th we flew out from Helsinki and landed in Rovaniemi. We loved Rovaniemi even though the prices were quite crazy…

During our four days in the city we went to the Santa Claus Village to meet the Real Santa (who was so lovely and sweet, btw!) and see some animals around.  On the fifth we travelled for four hours on the bus from Rovaniemi to Kakslauttanen to stay in the Arctic Resort Igloos just to find out that it was a 100% scam. Please, do not go there. You don’t even get a shower in the cheapest room (600€/night) and instead you have to use vial communal showers in a separate cottage. Also the staff is payed wages like 2€/hour . Apart from the food which was included in the price it was a disappointment and afterwards we hoped we had just stayed in our lovely old-fashioned airbnb in Rovaniemi!

Photos by me and Joe Walker


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