Hi guys!

December is knocking on the door! I’m so excited, because I really love Christmas. In Finland we celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, unlike the Brits. On the 24th of December we go to the sauna (as always!) and have a lovely, quiet, candle light dinner followed by the opening of the presents. I do love the jolly British style of celebrating Christmas as well and I can’t wait for next year when I’m going to be enjoying that again!

As we all know, it’s the “sweater weather” again. As I’m not a big fan of sweaters, I’m always trying to haul for something different, though warm. My number one item for winter wear is polo necks by United Colours of Benetton, but as it’s made of wool and #tryingtobevegan I’d recommend getting it second hand instead of buying a new one. I bought my Tommy Hilfiger 100% cotton sweater for 5 euros second hand!


My second essential winter wear is my black faux fur coat from New Look: it’s huge but stylish and you could fit all the clothes you own under it 😀 (my top tip to keep warm is layering: jacket + big coat). My faux fur makes me feel all classy and sassy, and I can wear it with anything, anywhere, any occasion.

Thirdly, I’ve been haunting for tall, red boots for weeks but as I haven’t found the right ones, I bought flowery ankle boots on Black Friday for 6 quid! They are comfy and cool, and I paid the price they’re made for (I’ll get back to the subject of why are we paying 50 pounds for clothes made for a fiver? in another post).


Last, but not least: my “new” and authentic vintage Chanel jacket. O.M. and G. I’m a big admirer of Chanel: dating back to when my Aunt was a store manager for Chanel in London and she used to tell me all the stories of that world, and ever since that and reading about Coco’s life & how she changed women’s fashion I’ve been a fan. The only Chanel item I’ve had so far has been my sunglasses (in the photos). A month or so ago, Joe and I went to a vintage store in a town nearby and it was selling genuine vintage clothes like YSL, Dior and so I walked out the store with this 80’s pink Chanel jacket, feeling a little bit crazy! Take it this way; it’s an investment. It’ll always be my financial backup if needed (though I doubt I’ll ever sell it! It’s gorgeous!)

Thank you Joe for taking a million photos for this post 😀 😉


How to spot a fake Chanel: 

  • Consider the seller. What is the sales environment?
  • Assess the price of the Chanel item for sale. If the price seems too good to be true, it likely is.
  • If the material on the item appears cheap or flimsy, it is most definitely not authentic Chanel.
  • Observe the stitching on the clothing; particularly at the hems. If the stitching appears sloppy, it’s most likely a fake.
  • Look for the chain; all Chanel jackets have a light chain sewn onto the bottom of the hem so that it hangs perfectly and gives it the proper weight when worn.
  • Look at the label. The right Chanel C logo should always overlap the left one at the top and the left Chanel C should always overlap the right Chanel C on the bottom.
  • Make sure there is no glue anywhere on the clothing item.



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