Hi  guys!

When November hits the darkness usually drains me completely and I can’t get creative at all. This autumn seems different, and for that I probably have to thank our seven months in the sun this year! As most of you probably know, I’m aiming to be a professional photographer and specialise in fashion and style and that’s what has really kept me going lately. I’ve been aiming to get out there and not think about it too much. I mean, I can be pretty perfectionist regarding the things I do and just meeting people for shoots is definitely teaching me a lot about letting go and to not overthink about it. I can overthink when I’m editing, instead! Haha.



Ever since I’ve been a child I’ve been into the fashion world; watching GG, Sex and the City, doing fashion shows in my room with my best friend at the age of 12 and so on. When I was a teenager I started learning about environmental stuff and focused on recycling and charity shops instead of mass-made fashion. Also, growing up in a small, more or less conservative Finnish town wasn’t exactly the place to get influenced by current trends. When I became a young adult I worked in the flagship store of Vero Moda in Helsinki, then moved to London and worked for John Lewis and eventually found my way back into the world of fashion. It still has a lot of issues in it, but there’s change in the air. That is, with environmental issues as well as body image issues and that leads on to my next project.  Keep scrolling.


I’m working on something called I LOVE WOMEN where I photoshoot young, now strong ladies and share their story of the times when they felt insecure about themselves. I’m inspired to bring stories out amongst the photos because, today, I feel, many people hide behind their social media and in reality, struggle with themselves. 

Also, last week my wonderful new friend Linda Vänskä took me to this super cool Diesel ss18 press event organised by SpaltPR. I’ve started to give serious thought to starting my own PR firm one day, in some years… I feel so inspired! What do you think!?


PS. I want to apologise for irregular posting, once I move to York and get my routines rolling I’ll post SOOO much more often. Guaranteed!

PPS. I’ve already been doing shoots with some women for my project, but if you got interested, contact me! There’s no limit on how many people I’m taking onboard.



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