Happy Halloween and start of November, everyone!

How’s your October been? Mine’s been pretty wonderful. I’ve started to work on my application for York St John’s University as I’m aiming to begin my Photography studies there in September next year. Apart from that and being with my family, I’ve luckily had the chance to spend a lot of time with Joe both in York (did you read my latest post?) and in Finland. Sadly he left snowy Finland this afternoon, after spending two wonderful weeks in here with me. Just 19 days and I’m back in England again, though!

Can you keep up with me, dear readers?! ❤


On Joe’s first week in here we went to see Michael Monroe’s 30th anniversary gig and thus enjoyed a short stay in Helsinki. In between spending time at my parent’s house in Hämeenlinna we went to Turku for four days and I have to say that both Joe and I completely fell in love with Turku! How come I’ve never properly been there before? I’ve missed a lot!

Turku is absolutely stunning, but unfortunately I don’t have any photos since it was so bloody freezing that my camera just refused to work in such level of coldness. I need to figure out what to do when we go to Lapland in January… any tips on keeping your camera warm and working in cold weather, just let me know! All tips are extremely welcome.

We were both amazed when we woke up on our third morning in Turku and realised that the city was covered in snow. I feel so inspired when, instead of pitch black darkness and miserable weather, it’s all white and peaceful outside. Time to put one of my favourite Finnish bands Ultra Bra on and get creative…

My absolutely favourite November fashion find are these rose coloured earmuffs from H&M, matching my beige “early winter” coat from John Lewis (autumn 2017 collection)! My other fashion related news are that, around three weeks ago, I went to a modelling audition in Tampere and I’ve received info that I’ve been accepted on the company’s listing for ad models. The next step is big and important, but I need to make sure that it’s worth all the faff because of my upcoming move to York in January! Exciting times!



PS. Acne is breaking on my cheeks and chin! Dry air, rapid change of weather conditions, change of diet and skipping periods is making my skin scream for help! I’m relieved that my S.O.S-package arrived in the post: Bottega Verde can hopefully get me through winter.

Here’s my top-3 tips to ease your acne:
1. Try changing your diet for more vegetarian based, avoid dairy products and eat less processed and fried food.

2. Exercise more, because, why wouldn’t you?

3. Use right skincare products. Aim for natural cosmetics, keep up to date with your skin’s condition during every season and change product type if necessary (my skin is very moist in summer and super dry in winter time, so I can’t use the same stuff all year round)

NOTE: If your acne is severe, avoid touching it and handling it too much. Your skin is constantly regenerating itself, so caring too much just might do the opposite of wanted results – and hey, going to the doctor’s for a check-up can be the right thing for you; when I was 15, I suffered from bad acne and I was treated with Roaccutan resulting a healthy, acne-free skin.


From left to right: Quillaia face and eye make-up removing gel: delicate, for all skin types €17,99; Argan Del Marocco – Nourishing anti-age face cream: with Argan oil and Desert Jasmine extract €22,99; Raspberry and blueberry moisturizing 3-minute mask: offers relief, dry and delicate skin €14,20


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