Hi guys!

I’ve decided to take this blog more towards a lifestyle theme so that I’m able to share what’s happening with me – as I’m constantly on the go – but also my thoughts combined with my passion for taking photographs. I’ve been back home since mid-September, but it hasn’t been all peace and quiet! I had the chance to do a collaboration shoot with the stunning Linda Vänskä which resulted in amazing photos (you’ll see them on my next post) as well as spending time with my family, my closest friends, go to the gym, theatre,  and even enjoy Sting’s concert!

I spent my previous weekend in Helsinki with my best friend Meeri @meerielviira since we see each other only about once or twice a year. We rented an airbnb just the two of us and spent the entire time talking, shooting and eating! It was such a great weekend. Meeting wonderful people and feeling inspired together gives me so much strength to keep on working towards my dreams!

Tomorrow I’m flying to York to see my bae and definitely going to post about that gorgeous town, I always get a lot of questions about it. I’ll finally move there in January 2018 YAY but the rest of the year we’ll keep flying back and forth between England and Finland (and probably somewhere else too 😉 )  Stay tuned! ❤

Love, love, love to you all xx

Below my favourite autumn looks


Red jacket: charity shop in Yorkshire; top: Vero Moda; fake leather trousers: H&M; bag: charity shop in Helsinki; shoes: Jeffrey Campbell 


Glitter jacket: Charity shop in Yorkshire; top: H&M, jumpsuit: H&M; shoes: Nike


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