As some of the travel blogs + Lonely Planet suggested itineraries way too high-speed for us, we decided to spend nearly four weeks in Sri Lanka to spread it out and really enjoy it all. In the end though, if I’m completely honest, we did become quite sick of the inefficiency and almost ignorance of Sri Lanka! On our third week in, we began to realise that we were seen as an opportunity for money – people weren’t genuinely friendly, they, in most cases, just wanted something from us. Tuktuk drivers hardly knew any locations of restaurants or hotels in their town: for nearly a month we had to direct them and make sure that we didn’t get lost/made it in time. All in all, we’ve now seen it and done it; we loved the hill country and the safaris, of course, but we doubt that we’ll ever go back. PHEW!


Day 1 Fly to Colombo. Take a taxi to Negombo, spend two nights.

Day 3 Take a train from Negombo to Colombo, then to Kandy. Spend two nights in Kandy.

Day 5 Take the AC bus to Dambulla from Kandy. Spend three nights in Dambulla.

Day 6 Day trip: Dambulla – Sigirya – Dambulla

Day 7 Day trip: Dambulla – Polonnaruwa – Dambulla


Day 8 Take the bus back from Dambulla to Kandy, spend one night.

Day 9 Take the train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya, spend two nights.

Day 11 Take the train from Nuwara Eliya to Ella, spend four nights.


Day 15 Hire a private car from Ella to Yala, spend one night.

Day 16 Hire a private car from Yala to Tangalle, spend three nights.

Day 18 Day trip: Tangalle – Udawalawe – Tangalle

Day 19 Hire a tuk-tuk from Tangalle to Mirissa, spend three nights.


Day 22 Hire a tuk-tuk from Merissa to Galle, spend two nights

Day 24 Take the train or bus from Galle to Colombo, spend one night

Day 25 Fly out




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