We started our month in Indonesia with a couple of nights in the capital city Jakarta and then 10 nights in Bali because Bali is the must-see island of Indonesia. It is known as the party island as well as the family holiday spot (especially for Australians) so we wanted to nip over in order to find out if it had something to offer us inbetweeners.

Seminyak, the party spot nearly won us over but not quite. It was exactly how I imagined it to be: busy and hippie. It had vegetarian and vegan restaurants, markets and beaches.  We enjoyed the former, disliked the latter simply because it was too busy there.  On top, the whole beach and some parts of Seminyak in general smelled like sewers because Bali wasn’t prepared for the mass tourism it now faces. It wasn’t visibly dirty, but the smell of s*ht was there. I don’t have a lot of pictures of Seminyak because it wasn’t 100% authentic Asian, although I loved the fact that locals sold fruit on the beach like they do in the more “original” parts of Asia. All in all, Bali was alright, but we thought it was a little bit over-hyped or that we just weren’t the target audience.

Seminyak accommodation:  Bali Reski Asih Cottages (23e/night) and D’Lumbung Suites and Residence (17e/night)

Favourite restaurant: Zula Vegetarian


Ubud was definitely one of our favourite places we’ve ever been as the “real” Indonesia can be discovered there. Ubud offers treks on rice fields (real ones, there are also rice fields that exist just for picture taking), connecting with the locals, traditional dance performances and a visit to the monkey sanctuary. We simply fell in love with Ubud – it was a place we cherished with all our heart. I thought Burmese (we travelled to Myanmar in February this year) people were friendly and lovely, but locals in Ubud took it to the next level. They were incredibly chatty and helpful and that’s how we found ourselves in the most amazing places we’ve ever been to, like when we trekked through a jungle to get to a breathtaking river. Ubud had great restaurants and incredible scenery. Distances weren’t too long, we simply walked everywhere and it made us feel both physically and mentally really good.

I’d recommend a visit Ubud to anyone, who is interested in Indonesia/Asia and wants to combine modern and historical, with a big sprinkle of real culture.

Ubud accommodation: Ramaniya Hotel (14e/night)

Favourite restaurant: Sari Organik (vegetarian friendly)



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