I’ve never been to Greece before though it has always been on my must-see list with it’s gorgeous beaches, architecture and, of course, food. Joe has been quite a few times and suggested that we could hit Greece for a month, which I didn’t (obviously!) resist. We chose our first stay to be on an island called Kos since we didn’t know a lot about it (and it stayed that way until arrival because there were no pictures of the beaches on social media although it had great written recommendations). It’s a thing we do, going to places we don’t know too much about to find out about it ourselves and to avoid mass tourism.

There’s one big thing to say about Kos: it was definitely a place we will want to visit again.  It was quiet but still had all the services wanted and needed, with the best customer service I’ve ever had anywhere. It’s impossible to explain how kind and polite people were all around the island. When you were served, they didn’t “look through you”, but actually paid attention to you. We had a daily chat (even sat down for a beer once) with a guy who chauffeured people across to nearby Kastri island from the gorgeous Kefalos beach.

All in all, Kos exceeded my expectations massively. Accommodation and food was cheap, the beach was peaceful (though water was cold in May but pool-like) and there were enough sights to see. We even did a day trip to Bodrum in Turkey (last photo), how cool is that!

Accommodation: Villa Bel Passo Apartments (15e/night)

Favourite restaurant: Santa Barbara (vegetarian friendly)

DSC_0893IMG_1161DSC_1031DSC_0150IMG_1394 (1)IMG_1575IMG_1544DSC_0051DSC_0113


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