A Letter to X

Dear X!I’m writing to you upon,recognising that there might be one,or moreBodieswhich I inhabit,or they inhabit me. Dear X!Could it be, thatit’s all a preludeAnd I’m too afraidAlways remain. waiting, wanting So, Dear X.the world will reconcileas will the bodies,I meet and greet. Let them pass us bylet them be alivelet them grasp!And most of [...]


men act! and women appear

Perform as: a solo monologue. Read the whole text before performing as further instructions within text, in brackets. Do not speak instructions out loud. A woman must be a woman and cannot be a man A woman must not be allowed to speak A woman must not lead. A woman should keep quiet in the [...]

“A complicated structure? Undoubtedly. But after all, the cathedral of Milan is complicated too, and you still look at it with awe.”

A few weeks ago we booked flights to Milan for our sweet little April getaway! I have never been before, although always wanted to go. In all honesty I have always heard really various thoughts regarding the city, which makes it all the more interesting... We want to see for ourselves!We have booked this reaaaally [...]

My 3+1 secrets to happiness and self-confidence

Hey lovelies, it's Nelli! Hope you are all doing alright so far this year! I am always interested and in awe of all the different January challenges people are doing every single January! That made me wonder if any of you guys are doing any?! Veganuary, Januhairy... If you are, leave a comment as I'd [...]

MY PERSONAL GOALS FOR 2019 (honest!)

*Hi guys!*   Hope you are all doing well and you've had a good start to the year. I am currently in the process of "rebranding"... It sounds so commercial, right? Well I refuse to see it in that way alone as I have started this year by feeling a lot more headstrong, passionate and [...]


Hi guys! It's been a while, I know... Hope you're all good, though? I went to Finland for a week and ever since I got back I've been trying to get hold of that inspiration and drive to do things again, because I felt I had to go somewhere in the midst of one of [...]


Internet and magazines are full of information about how to get into “shape”, how to lose fat or how to become healthier. It’s all about what you should and shouldn’t eat as well as how you should exercise. In my opinion this advice is too generic to apply for all the people in different age, [...]

Highly Sensitive Personality – What does it mean?

Whistling. Loud plastic bag rustling. Loud laughing. Echo. Someone chewing gum. Rustling. Whistling. Laughing. Eating sounds. Baby crying. Children screaming. Eating. Rustling. Panic. That's a start to how someone like me could describe what it feels like to have a highly sensitive personality. There is multiple kinds of sensitivity - on this post I'm breaking [...]